Work4U Staff



As the boss Lynn is responsible for client management and the day to day running of the business as well as Tax Returns and all things HMRC related. Lynn has been involved in the industry and running her own successful business for the last 30 years. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with the construction industry sector.


For deciphering badly written text or a garbled voice message and turning it into an estimate Rae takes the biscuit. She is a very competant book keeper both on spreadsheets and using SAGE but has oh so many more skills.

If anything needs to be sourced, leave it to Rae. She has an uncanny knack for finding just what is required. Bookings and acquiring best value for money are also right up her street. She is often required to "think" for a client, diary workloads and produce an invoice at the correct time.

Keeping control of client's bank accounts and charge cards allows them to work without financial worries. Rae is always bright and breezy taking her responsibilities with a smile.


We refer to her (a little unkindly) as our "bag lady" as she receives all the carrier bags full of small, screwed up and dirty receipts, sorts them out and turns them into an acceptable spreadsheet from which Lynn can do the client's tax return.


Queen of all things admin related Debbie is as tenacious as she is straight speaking. If you require road opening notice, an Operators Licence, insurances of any type, all things vehicle related including trackers & tracking then Debbie is the girl.

Neither is she daunted by a 30 page subcontractor questionnaire or CITB Levy returns. It is also Debbie who makes sure C.I.S. returns are submitted and paid on time, often nagging our clients mercilessly for the information required to do the job.

Your training matrix is safe in Debbie's hands and will be regularly updated. Debbie is our Rottweiler.

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Sage Line 50 accounts is Caroline's forte as well as all things payroll related including pensions. She quietly steams through mountains of paperwork allocating payments and balancing the bank with ease and producing a trial balance like a rabbit from a hat!